Conducting Repertoire List: 20th Century and beyond: 2

Repertoire (continued)
Works conducted performed or recorded


(Also repertoire as assistant conductor or in preparation.)


(Items marked *  recorded by Graham Lea-Cox)


The Twentieth Century and beyond   

Shostakovich, Dmitri     Violin Concerto No 1, Op. 99
Stone, Rodney                Encounters (1995)  (orch. Lea-Cox)) 
(first performances)                 for Symphony orchestra and soloists:      
                                      Rubaiyat  (1996)  (orch. Lea-Cox)
                                                Cycle for Symphony orchestra and soloists 
                                         Also  version for 8 'cellos, double bass and soloist       
                                      The Mystery of Ys (orch. Lea-Cox) 
                                                for symphony orchestra
Strauss, Richard            Vier Letze Lieder (Four Last Songs)
                                                Song cycle for High voice and orchestra
                                      Die Heiligen drei Konigen  for soprano with orchestra  
                                      Oboe Concerto (1945)
                                      Horn Concertos in Eb: No 1 Op. 11,
                                                                         No 2  (1942)
                                      Metamorphosen for 23 solo strings (1945)
                                                Orchestral Tone Poem  
                                      Also sprach Zarathustra Op. 30
Stravinsky, Igor             Orchestral       
                                      Dumbarton Oaks
                                      Concerto for Chamber orchestra (1937-8)
                                      The Firebird (1945 version), Orchestral Suite
                                      Octet for Wind (1952 version)
                                      Pulcinella (after Pergolesi)
                                      Vesna Svashennaya The Rite of Spring 
                                      Symphonies of wind instruments (1945-7)
                                      Symphony in three movements (1942-5)
                                      With voices
                                      Cantata (1951-2) for soprano, tenor, female chos. 
                                                and chamber ensemble
                                      Mass for mixed chos. and double wind quintet (1944-8)
                                      Symphony of Psalms for chorus and orchestra (1930)
                                      L’histoire du Soldat   Theatre piece
                                                (The Soldiers Tale) (1918)
Suk, Josef                      Symphonic Poem Praga (1904)            
Takemitsu, Toru            Requiem for strings (1957)
Tippett, Michael            Symphony No. 1 (1944)
                                      Fantasia Concertante on a theme of Corelli 
                                                for string orchestra and concertante
                                      Ritual Dances Orchestral Suite 
                                                from the opera The Midsummer Marriage 
                                      Opera    The Midsummer Marriage (1946-52)
                                      Cantata  Crown of the Year, for chorus 
                                                and chamber ensemble (1958)
Varèse, Edgar               Octandre for small orchestra (1923)
Vaughan Williams, R    Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
                                                for string quartet and double string orchestra
                                      Fantasia on Chrismas carols 
                                                for baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra (1912)
                                      Five Mystical Songs for baritone, chorus and orchestra
                                      The Lark Ascending  Romance for violin and orchestra 
                                                            or violin and chamber orchestra
                                      Serenade to Music (1940) orchestral version, 
                                      Also version for 16 solo voices and orchestra (1938)
Walton, William             Symphony No. 1 in Bb (1931-5)
                                      Façade for speaker and instrumental ensemble
                                      Coronation Marches:    
                                                Orb and Sceptre (1953)
                                                Crown Imperial (rev. 1963)
                                      Johannesburg Festival Overture  (1956)
                                      Portsmouth Point Overture (1925)
                                      The Twelve for choir and orchestra
Webern, Anton               Fünfe Stücke for orchestra Op. 10
Williamson, Malcolm     The Stone Wall 'Cassation' for orchestra,
                                                soloists, chorus, childrens chorus and audience   
                                      (f.p.: BBC Promenade Concerts, 1971)
Graham Lea-Cox © 2006