Creative Beetroot © is a personal initiative by Graham Lea-Cox and  John-Luke Hutchinson (South Africa).  Devised to identify and facilitate collective support for creative initiatives both discover whilst travelling in Africa and around the world, Graham and Liuke's vision is to encourage innovation, creation and inspire international collective collaboration within the arts, and in partiucular to improve the lives of communities and individuals. 

A core objective of Creative Beetroot is to initiate, lead and collaborate in creative projects across borders and through diverse artistic expressions including music, painting, theatre and multi-media installations.

The simple intention is to inspire and help fulfill dreams, to impact the lives of participants and change the physical presence of cities. 

Two current projects include bringing together the Film and Music Industries of Mexico and South Africa, initiating professional and educational collaboration at inter-governmental and local levels, using the web as a key to participation and exchange. This project sets out to initiate community based and professional music, film and art collaborations to share and show-case creative talent of participating nations, using the web as a key to developing participation and exchange.

It is hoped to expand this initiative to other nations, in partnership with National Embassies, Government Departments of Cultural and Economic Development, professional Orchestras, Film schools and Universities, Regional Film and Music Commissions, independent producers and production companies.

* If you know of a project that you think might be suitable, or if you are interested to assist develop this initiative in your own nation, please contact Graham via this website.  *