Conducting Repertoire List: 17th -19th Century: 1



Works conducted performed or recorded

 (Also repertoire as assistant conductor or in preparation.)

 (Items marked *  recorded by Graham Lea-Cox)


17th-19th Century:



The Symphony in Britain - Recorded on CD GAU 216



  '18th Century British Symphonies


Early British Symphonies (ed Lea-Cox) by Abel, Arne, 

Collett, Erskine, Smethergell, Marsh on  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 




Bach, Johann S.            Passions

                                      Cantatas (selected)

                                      Brandenburg Concertos BWV 1046 - 51

                                      Mass in B minor BWV 232

                                      Weinachtsoratorium BWV 248


Beethoven, L van          Symphonies No.s 1-9 

                                      Piano Concerto no. 5 in Eb, Op.73

                                                'The Emperor'


Boyce, William             *Royal Odes, Occasional Odes

* Recorded on                  and Operas ed. G. Lea-Cox,

Sanctuary Classics.       *Ode for the New Year 1772 

                                      * Overtures various

                                      *Pindar’s Ode 1744 (text: Walter Hart)

                                      *Ode on St. Cecila's Day

                                      *Ode for St Cecilia’s Day (Lockman)

                                      *‘Afterpiece’ Opera: Secular Masque


Brahms, Johannes       Symphony No 1 in C minor, Op. 68

                                      Concerto for violin and violoncello

                                                in A minor Op. 102

                                      Rhapsodie aus Goethes. Alto Rhapsody

                                                for contralto solo, male chorus

                                                and orchestra, Op. 53

                                      Variations on a theme by Haydn Op. 56a


Bruch,  Max                 Kol Nidrei, for violoncello and orchestra


Clementi, Muzio          Symphony No. 4 (f.p.1822)

                                         New edition from the autograph,

                                         (ed. John Walter Hill and G. Lea-Cox)


Dukas, Paul                 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (1897)


Dvořák, Antonín         Symphonies:

                                           No 5 in F major, Op.76

                                           No 6 in D major, Op.60

                                           No. 7 in D minor Op. 70

                                           No. 8 in G major Op. 88

                                           No. 9 in E minor Op. 95

                                                     (“From the New World”)

                                      Serenade for strings Op. 22

                                      Concerto for violoncello and

                                                orchestra in B minor, Op. 104

                                      Suite for orchestra ‘Czech Suite’ Op. 39


Elgar, Edward              Symphony No. 1 in Ab major, Op 55

                                      Chansons for orchestra,

                                                Nos.1 & 2, Op. 15

                                      Serenade for string orchestra in E minor

                                                Op. 20

                                      Introduction and Allegro for strings

                                                Op. 47

                                      Concerto for violoncello and orchestra

                                      Three Bavarian Dances for orchestra

                                                Op. 27

                                      Variations on an original theme (Enigma)

                                                Op. 36

                                      Oratorio The Dream of Gerontius Op.38


Fauré, Gabriel             Suite, "Pelléas et Mélisande"

                                                Op 80


Glazunov, A.                Suite to the Ballet ‘Raymonda


Gluck, Christoph W.    Overtures to selected operas

                                      Opera Orfeo ed Euridice

                                                (Vienna version, 1762)

                                      Ballet music


Grieg, Edvard               Orchestral Suite from Peer Gynt

                                      Holberg Suite for string orchestra Op. 40


Handel, George F.       Concerti -various

                                      Dramatic Oratorios:   

                                                Judas Maccabeus (1746)

                                                Israel in Egypt (1739)


Haydn, Franz J.           Symphonies – various

                                      Concerti  - various

                                      Opera  La vera costanza  (1778)

                                      Oratorio Die Schöpfung  

                                                (The Creation) (1797-8)


Krauss, Joseph M.       Symphonies of 18th century Sweden


Linley, Thomas            Music to The Tempest (1777) (MS)

                                      Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (MS)


Mendelssohn, Franz    Symphony No. 4 in A, Op.90 (Italian)

                                      Concerto for violin and orchestra

                                      Overture A Midsummer Night’s Dream


                                      Works with voice(s)


Mozart, Wolfgang A    Operas            

                                           Le Nozze di Figaro K 492

                                           Don Giovanni K 527

                                           Idomeneo Ré di Creta  K 366                            

                                           Die Zauberflöte K 620

                                      Symphonies, including: 

                                            No. 37 in D, K 385

                                            No. 39 in Eb, K 543

                                            No. 40 in G minor, K 550

                                      Concertos – various

                                      Requiem Mass in D minor, K 626

                                      Exultate, Jubilate

                                                for soprano, orchestra & organ, K 165



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