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Pindar's Ode - William Boyce   

Pindar's Ode; New Year Ode 1774 " This is a superb CD of infectious music magnificently performed. The New College Choir is on cracking form, as is the Hanover Band. Graham Lea-Cox directs with fire and precision ... Marvel or have a prejudice transplant." Roderick Swanston

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Pindars ode - William Boyce    CD GAU 232 - UNIVERSAL/ iTUNES:

"...This is the fourth and sadly the last of (Lea-)Cox's survey of Boyce's odes, oratorios and masques for ASV Gaudeamus. The series has been a triumph: the British Baroque has never sounded so good." Simon Heighes 

    Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, South Africa / Graham Lea-Cox - Prokofiev 50th Anniversary Concert:

" ... The Symphony {Prokofiev No. 5, Op 100)...received due and weighty consideration... conductor and orchestra used the occasion to pay a worthy tribute to a great Symphonist. " Deon Irish, Cape Times


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Secular Masque - William Boyce    CD GAU 176 - UNIVERSAL/ iTUNES

Secular Masque:   "... This recording certainly should give delight well into the next century: not only is the music enchanting, the performances are full of subtlety and eloquence as well as enthusiasm and spirit. ... Graham Lea-Cox, who is responsible for the editions used, directs the performances with great skill and discernment; he is equally successful with the wistful and the vigorous numbers, bringing an almost theatrical flair to the argument of the Masque, pomp to the ceremonial music and grace to the dance numbers." Peter Branscombe: 'A: 1'

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 Pindar's Ode - Wiliam Boyce  GAU 232  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

"A fine end to Lea-Cox's Boyce survey ... Here is another disc - the last, alas! - in the Boyce series from Graham Lea-Cox ...(who) draws unfailingly stylish playing from the Hanover Band." Stanley Sadie

 * CHOC * La Monde de la Musique (France)

Ode for St Ceclia's Day - William Boyce  CD GAU 200   UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

* CHOC * La Monde de la Musique (France)  "...cette de'couverte splendid ... L'enthousiasme et la conviction des interpr'etes sont des plus communicatifs, et l'on se re'jouit de saluer une de'couverte de premier plan." 


             Sanctuary Classics CD GAU 208 David's Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan              

American Record Guide; ARTICLE: BOYCE: Cecilian Ode

"... Apparently ASV is engaged in a complete traversal of Boyce's choral works, previously issuing The Secular Masque and David's Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan. Boyce has been seriously underrepresented in the catalog for years, and a serious re-evaluation of his choral music--the anthems also--is long overdue. The performers evince a commitment to this music that is generally found only in recordings of more familiar fare. The soloists are first-class, the chorus alert and articulate, and the band plays with vigor and impeccable musicianship. After you insert this disc in your player, it won't take long for you to realize that you have been missing music of estimable architecture and stunning brilliance."

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Pindar's Ode . New Year Ode 1774  - William Boyce  CD GAU 232  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

Pindar's Ode; New Year Ode 1774:  "Recitatives and ariosos abound aplenty here but all is executed with consummate ease and lavish beauty by (Lea-) Cox and his period instrument team... A most satisfying issue that continues to bolster Boyce's reputation." Gerald Fenech

A.F., (France)  24 Janvier, 2001                       

Secular Masque - William Boyce:  "Les forces de Lea-Cox nous re'v'elent ici une pure merveille d'e'quilibre (alternance des tessitures dans les parties solistes, elles-memes en alternance avec des parties chorales) et de cohe'rence (le choeur se fond dans la me'lodie qui le pre'c'ede en reprenant le th'eme expose' par le soliste)"  A.F., (France)


    Cape Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) Cape Town South Africa

  Zoë Beyers Violin/Graham Lea-Cox

Shostakovitch Violin Concerto No 1:  "... Beyers' playing here was exquisite. Graham Lea-Cox considers Shostakovitch a favourite and, together with the orchestra, gave a performance of merit ..."  Die Burger, South Africa Promoting Historically-Inspired Performances of Early Music and Baroque Opera

"William Boyce's reputation has been enhanced greatly by the recent series of four superb recordings of Royal masques and odes by Graham Lea-Cox et al. on ASV (now UNIVERSAL / iTUNES)... "

L'Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, Firenze

"...Intelligente peraltro anche la scelta del programma, incentrato sul repertorio ingleses inommagio alla nazionalita del direttore ospite e che alla prova dei fatti e sembrato ben intornasi alla sua personalita di interprete misurato e signorile. ...Il tutto restituito con armoniosa eleganza da Lea-Cox e dall'orchestra fiorentina in una prova moltoordinata e convincente..."   La Nazione, Florence, Italy


      Fanfare Magazine (USA)

18th Century British Symphonies  GAU 216   UNIVERSAL / iTUNES

"... All of the readings reflect current thinking on performance practice: brisk tempos, extreme dynamic ranges, strikingly vivid wind colorations... The Hanover Band is one of the oldest period-instrument ensembles around and, with a number of winning releases under its belt, comes to this repertoire with little, if any, trepidation and a generous helping of enthusiasm. The latter trait is evident at the opening, where the horns burst forth from the orchestral texture in a way I haven't heard in many a recording. The pungency of the oboes, the softness of the flutes and the reedy quality of the clarinets all add their unique colors to the shimmering and silvery quality of Graham Lea-Cox's impeccable string section. ... With all this in its favor, this is sure to be another star in ASV's already laden crown." Robert Emmett

   "Classical CD nominations .. the 'Best of 2000'." Western New York Public Radio (USA)

Ode for St Cecilia's Day

" 'The 'Best of 2000'  WNED-FM's program hosts compile for you a list of recommended discs for Classical CD nominations .."  (Boyce: Ode for St. Cecilia's Day  UNIVERSAL GAU 200)  Nominated by Steve Levinthal 

   Cape Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO) Conductor Graham Lea-Cox

Symphony Season Concerts, 2002-03


"Lea-Cox commenced the work (Dukas, Sorcerer's Apprentice) in assured fashion, guiding the winds through their jaunty conversations and depictive solos with gratifying good ensemble... Hofmeyr's Raptus (for violin and large orchestra) couldn't have been more welcome... Lea-Cox once again provided a sympathetic accompaniment, which appeared well rehearsed and interpretively secure ... with some marvellous colour and textural moments. Finally the 'sublime' Sixth Symphony (Dvora'k) ... the CPO appeared quite at home in the uplands of the Bohemian countryside... and under Lea-Cox's careful guidance provided a most satisfying tour through its disparate charms." Deon Irish, Cape Times, Cape Town, South Africa.