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18th Century British Symphonies - CD GAU 216  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES

18th Century British Symphonies. Lea-Cox/Hanover Band:  "There are four world premieres among the six symphonies rescued from oblivion by (Lea-Cox and) the Hanover Band on this collection. It is the first of a new series from (UNIVERSAL / iTUNES) Gaudeamus devoted to early symphonies that have fallen into obscurity. The Hanover Band recordings for ASV have been lavishly praised by the critics, especially for their recent recordings of the music of William Boyce. Given this debut album, this new series will be one to follow closely. Recommended!" 

 Oberbergischer Anzeiger,  Germany

"Disziplinierte Phrasierung, sensible, dynamische Schattierung und Transparenz der einzelnen Stimmen lie en jedes Stuck zu einem Erlebnis werden. Den gutgeschulten Sangern dieses Ensembles steht mit G. Lea-Cox ein uberlegener Leiter zur Seite, der mit sparsamen Dirigat, aber doch zwingender Gestik ein Maximum erzielt, der geradezu modellierend die Einzelsanger zu einem Klangkollectiv formt, in dem der einzelne seinen Gestaltungswillen nicht aufgeben muss."

     'Early Music Review' (UK) 

18th Century British Symphonies - CD GAU 216  UNIVERSAL /iTUNES

Lea-Cox/Hanover Band:   "For those with an interest in 18th century music this record is a must, and ranks as a companion to The String Quartet in 18th-cenury England and English Classical Violin Concertos, produced by Hyperion a couple of years ago. ... it has been worth waiting for. Graham Lea-Cox has obviously researched the repertoire and chosen some of the best works of the period for inclusion. ...The Hanover Band is at their best, the recording ambience is excellent, and this CD cannot be too highly recommended." Ian Graham-Jones

Goteborgs-Posten, Sweden

Mozart 'Le Nozze di Figaro'   .... "(a) glorious first night... the singers had the extraordinarily fine support of conductor Graham Lea-Cox, who coaxed the musicians into finding the essence of every note." [Translated from the Swedish]

 Sanctuary Classics CD GAU 208 David's Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan    BBC Music Magazine (UK)

David's Lamentation over Saul and Jonathan - William Boyce  GAU 208  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES

"Following his widely acclaimed recent recording of Boyce's Ode for St Cecilia's Day (UNIVERSAL / iTUNES GAU 200), Graham Lea-Cox has come up with another rarity by the composer ... In short, this is a world premiere recording most urgently to be acquired. The overture alone should be enough to tempt readers but, if not, the poignant chorus 'For Saul, for Jonathan, they fast, they weep' should do the trick." Nicholas Anderson

       Scherzo (Spain) Octubre 1999

Secular Masque -William Boyce  CD GAU 176   UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

"La interpretacio'n de la orquesta, coro y solistas que dirige Lea-Cox se antoja ido'nea para la restitucio'n de estos floridos hitos tardobarrocos: la orquesta suena agil, fresca y refinada en el estilo y el coro, robusto y fluido, cumple perfectamente su cometido. "    

{ "The performance, directed by Graham Lea-Cox, seems to me suitable for those florid late-Baroque landmarks: the orchestra sounds agile, fresh and refined in style, and the choir is robust and fluent, perfectly fulfilling their assignment." }   Scherzo (Spain) Octubre 1999

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Pindar's Ode / Ode for the New Year  1774  CD GAU 200  UNIVERSAL / ITUNES 

Pindar's Ode / Ode for the New Year 1774   "... a very fine account of a work that not only deserves more attention, but also plenty of respect. This is not an easy piece, especially for the soloists, and rarely has a better or more perfectly matched set of singers been gathered for music of this genre and period." David Vernier  

    BBC Radio 3 Record Review 

Secular Masque - William Boyce CD GAU 176  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

" ...But the highest praise for this recording is due to the players of The Hanover Band and to the conductor Graham Lea-Cox. Together they capture exactly Boyce's combination of sturdiness and elegance." Anthony Burton, BBC Radio 3 Record Review 6 June 1998

     Gramophone Magazine UK

Secular Masque - William Boyce  GAU 176  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

Secular Masque:  "To anyone who relishes the particular flavour of English music of the mid-eighteenth century, this record is not one to be missed ... I shall be playing it repeatedly."  Stanley Sadie

     BBC Music Magazine (UK) 

Ode on St. Cecilia's Day -William Boyce   GAU CD 200    UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

"I found Lea-Cox's spirited direction a constant pleasure; he has an effective understanding of style and chooses his tempi discerningly.   Following an auspicious start, Boyce introduces us to one delight after another. I was enchanted throughout." Nicholas Anderson


Pindar'a Ode (Dublin version, 1741); Ode for the New Year, 1774 - William Boyce   GAU CD 232  UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

"Our deepest gratitude must however go to the conductor Graham Lea-Cox for his faith in, and his advocacy for, this fine music. The recording is excellent; and the booklet prints the words of both Odes. Highly recommended."  Philip L Scowcroft  

     Gramophone Magazine (UK) 

Ode on St. Cecilia's Day -William Boyce   GAU CD 200    UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

Ode for St Cecilia's Day  " . . .there are moments of very individual poetry, of exalted feeling, of typically graceful, 'rural' English melody, and of sturdy, stirring music." ...  "..especially in such attractive performances.  Graham Lea-Cox directs it with spirit and sympathy, and with a keen feeling for the right tempos.  He draws some splendidly confident and energetic singing from the boys and men of the New College Choir."  Stanley Sadie

       Daily Telegraph, UK.

Ode on St. Cecilia's Day -William Boyce   GAU CD 200    UNIVERSAL / iTUNES 

'Classical CD of the week'  "This fresh and imaginative piece (Ode for St. Cecilia's Day)  boasts a seemingly inexhaustible flow of delightful melody and countless felicitous examples of vocal and instrumental word-painting that recall the Handel of Acis and Galatea."    "The performance is fully worthy of this fine music - the excellent singers and players are all on top form - and the sound has a wonderful crystalline clarity." Elizabeth Roche

       CD Compact (Spain) Octubre 1999  


"...Tanto los inte'rpretes vocals como los que componen la Hanover Band han insuflado una contagiosa energi'a que se nota en cada compa's, desde la obertura, de cara'cter tripartite (con un precioso minueto como colofo'n de la misma) hasta el coro final.  Graham Lea-Cox les ha dirigido con mano firme pero sin excluir una Buena dosis de estimulante espontaneidad."    

 {"The singers as much as the instrumentalists of the Hanover Band have all brought to this recording a contagious energy which is notable at every beat, from the overture...right through to the final chorus.  Graham Lea-Cox has directed them with a firm hand, but without eliminating a good dose of stimulating spontaneity."}   CD Compact (Spain)